Bond Memories 12 – Rare Footage of “The Spy Who Loved Me” Premiere

This kinescope was recorded from a PAL 3/4″ tape from 1977, and we’ve never shown a bit of it….until now. Is it new to you? Should we get Richard Kiel a copy? Do you want to see more?
“The Spy Who Loved Me” had not one original thought in its head – but that was okay. It was a PURE Bond film, as it could not exist as something else….and brother, could we use another one now!


Bond Memories 11 – Bonding In Suffern

Last weekend we caught up with east coast Bond fans Tom Stroud, Lee Pfeiffer, Richard Scrivani and more at a morning screening of “You Only Live Twice”. Gary Firuta supplied some cool memorabilia!

Bond Memories 10 – Welcome To Inchon, Mr. Bond

Terence Young brout a few of his Bond actors to the mega-million dollar disaster “Inchon”, but is there a Felix Leiter cover-up?