Ruby Larocca, Tina Krause and Brian de Castro – Behind the Scenes

We just found this footage. Thanks to Tina, Ruby and Brian!

MAIL ORDER ZOMBIE reviews “Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots”

I’ve been catching up on older podcasts, and was thrilled to discover MAIL ORDER ZOMBIE’s in-depth and critical review of “Dr. Horror”. Today I can’t watch this film without picking out all the mistakes and missteps I made, and Thank God I had a cast and crew that helped me! The episode is posted below, and please check out for great shows, and check out their new Hammer Films Podcast!


Back Home Again In Indiana (for the first time)

I’m in Indianapolis all week for Super Bowl related stuff…and stuck in a truck for most of the time!


Bond Memories 12 – Rare Footage of “The Spy Who Loved Me” Premiere

This kinescope was recorded from a PAL 3/4″ tape from 1977, and we’ve never shown a bit of it….until now. Is it new to you? Should we get Richard Kiel a copy? Do you want to see more?
“The Spy Who Loved Me” had not one original thought in its head – but that was okay. It was a PURE Bond film, as it could not exist as something else….and brother, could we use another one now!

Rosita Beach Podcast – Episode 24

The Rosita Beach Podcast – Episode 24 (not 23, as we said at the top of the show!)
We cover the new Spencer Tracy biography, with exclusive audio from the author, and more!

Show Notes for Rosita Beach Podcast 24

Here the links for the subjects mentioned in the new episode 24.

Spencer Tracy book on Amazon

Jeff Beck – What Mama Said

Perry Shields Mummy Tribute

Price Morgan’s DubyaCast

Baby Boomers Nostalgia Podcast (Mad World remembrance) 

Happy Birthday, Brinke – Sept. 20

Brinke Stevens birthday today, talented actor and writer who always adds class to any project!

Bond Memories 11 – Bonding In Suffern

Last weekend we caught up with east coast Bond fans Tom Stroud, Lee Pfeiffer, Richard Scrivani and more at a morning screening of “You Only Live Twice”. Gary Firuta supplied some cool memorabilia!

Bond Memories 10 – Welcome To Inchon, Mr. Bond

Terence Young brout a few of his Bond actors to the mega-million dollar disaster “Inchon”, but is there a Felix Leiter cover-up?

A “Mad” music cue you may have missed!

For soundtrack lovers everywhere, this week presents a very special CD, the actual soundtrack score from the general release version of”It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” by Ernest Gold conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. We were ahead of the curve on this one, having experimented with extracting the rear channel information to get the only surviving recording, mostly without the effects tracks more than three years ago! The CD is available from La La Land records.
Apparently, while cutting down the original roadshow in 1963, the international version of the film left a few remnants behind that you may never have heard! Here they are, presented for informational purposes only!