A special video treat for all who supported our efforts!

In celebration of La La Land’s 2 Disc soundtrack set of “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”, and as a thank you to the loyal listeners of “The Rosita Beach Podcast”, we present this exclusive video treat!
We had hoped to play a part in this official release, but as the song says, “The only thing you are sure of…is that nothing is sure!” We were never called or notified until after the fact. But there is no doubt that we were all ahead of the curve, knowing that the rear channels could be used as some sort of extended soundtrack release. Thank you all for listening and please buy this new CD right away!  It will be released on March 15!



What’s the story with “Toy Story 3”?

Perhaps to make the show more exciting(?), there are now 10 nominations for Best Picture instead of 5. I’m certain this is retroactive, of course.(Hey,Vertigo, 2001, Some Like It Hot, Pick up your certificates! Sorry about this!) From what I recall, some folks in the industry were annoyed when Disney’s “Beauty And The Best” got a Best Picture nomination. Well, we can’t have a (harumph!) CARTOON in that list, so that ended quickly. Now we look to the Best Animated Film category of 2011, which certainly has some of the best scripts (and certainly the best written COMEDY scripts) So wait a minute – “Toy Story 3” is nominated for Best Animated Fim this year. That’s terrfic, and BTW, “How To Train Your Dragon” and yes, “Despicable Me”, were fantastic as well. But in our list of 10 this year…..”Toy Story 3″ also makes the Best Picture cut..!?  So, though I love this Pixar film,  Is this not double-dipping? Don’t get me wrong,  I think many of the animated films of recent years are as great as any live action film., but I thought these were seperate categories.  Here’s an idea…A lot of live action films seem to have as much  CGI/animation as a full length “animated feature” , so can we just dump either of the categories?

Rosita Beach Podcast 21 – Ring In The New Year!

Below is the link to our new episode. Hope you enjoy!

Rosita Beach Podcast 21

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Aspect Ratio 8 – Anne Francis (Video Episode)

The lovely and talented Anne Francis passed away earlier this week. Here is a short episode featuring a few seconds of footage we shot of her in 1994.

B Movie Cast Exclusive – a few minutes from “Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots”

B Movie Cast Video Special – Part 2 of 2

This is a high quality widescreen file. Depending on your computer speed, you may wish to pause the video and let it buffer for a bit.

B Movie Cast Video Special – Part 1 of 2

This is a high quality widescreen file. Depending on your computer speed, you may wish to pause the video and let it buffer for a bit.

Aspect Ratio 7 – The 1994 Fanex Fight Fest

As we remember the talented actor/teacher/film expert Don Leifert, who left us way too early, here is an extended Aspect Ratio episode featuring Don, Tom Weaver, Richard Valley, Jessie Lilley, Mike Brunas and more as they discuss the world of Hammer Horror Films!

Don’s IMDB Page

Don’s WIKI Page

Aspect Ratio Podcast Home Page

Ulverston – Birthplace of Stan Laurel

We shot this earlier this year, and were happy to see Chuck McCann referenced in the museum!

Conrad Brooks meets Dr.No

We are busy improving/redoing some of our video posts, so here is a redo of Conrad Brooks on the set of “Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots” sharing the time he met actor Joseph Wiseman. You can also spot Zacherley enjoying the story!