A “Mad” music cue you may have missed!

For soundtrack lovers everywhere, this week presents a very special CD, the actual soundtrack score from the general release version of”It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” by Ernest Gold conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. We were ahead of the curve on this one, having experimented with extracting the rear channel information to get the only surviving recording, mostly without the effects tracks more than three years ago! The CD is available from La La Land records.
Apparently, while cutting down the original roadshow in 1963, the international version of the film left a few remnants behind that you may never have heard! Here they are, presented for informational purposes only!


2 Responses to A “Mad” music cue you may have missed!

  1. steve says:

    Thanks for your podcasts on the soundtrack. I was just wondering if “Dinkler Dood It” or “Whole Tone Blues” is the slow jazzy piano trio tune heard when Sylvester is initially talking to his mom on the telephone?

    And is it by a famous piano trio or are the musicians part of Ernest Gold’s orchestra?


    • scrabo says:

      Hi Steve, “Whole Tone Blues” is indeed the piano music heard during the telephone sequence. I believe it was part of the orchestra, not totally sure. all best, Paul

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