What’s the story with “Toy Story 3”?

Perhaps to make the show more exciting(?), there are now 10 nominations for Best Picture instead of 5. I’m certain this is retroactive, of course.(Hey,Vertigo, 2001, Some Like It Hot, Pick up your certificates! Sorry about this!) From what I recall, some folks in the industry were annoyed when Disney’s “Beauty And The Best” got a Best Picture nomination. Well, we can’t have a (harumph!) CARTOON in that list, so that ended quickly. Now we look to the Best Animated Film category of 2011, which certainly has some of the best scripts (and certainly the best written COMEDY scripts) So wait a minute – “Toy Story 3” is nominated for Best Animated Fim this year. That’s terrfic, and BTW, “How To Train Your Dragon” and yes, “Despicable Me”, were fantastic as well. But in our list of 10 this year…..”Toy Story 3″ also makes the Best Picture cut..!?  So, though I love this Pixar film,  Is this not double-dipping? Don’t get me wrong,  I think many of the animated films of recent years are as great as any live action film., but I thought these were seperate categories.  Here’s an idea…A lot of live action films seem to have as much  CGI/animation as a full length “animated feature” , so can we just dump either of the categories?

One Response to What’s the story with “Toy Story 3”?

  1. Bob Collins says:

    Remember back in the 30’s and 40s, there were 10 Best Picture nominees. Of course you also had 7 studios (not counting Disney) releasing a picture a week. With 350 movies a year, finding 10 worthy nominations was probably easier. These days, I can’t find 10 pictures a year that are worth Oscar contention.

    As far as the “TS3” double dip, it does seem odd. It used to be that a foreign movie that was nominated as Best Foreign Picture could compete as a Best Picture nominee the following year. I never agreed with that but I’m not an Academy member! What concerns me is the continuing slide of movie quality that is making the Oscars irrelevant.

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